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Here you will find some basic information about taking a class with FCDA.  To view classes hover over the drop down arrow above (beside Classes).


Refund Policy

All fees are non-refundable except in the case where a class is cancelled or rescheduled by FCDA. Typing errors sometimes occur, therefore the teachers have final say on pricing.


Did you know?

FCDA and HADA (Hamilton & Area Decorative Artists) have a reciprocal agreement whereby HADA members can register for FCDA classes at Member rates and vice versa. (Some exceptions apply.)

What is Decorative Painting?

What really sets decorative painting apart from other painting techniques is how easy it is to learn. Many decorative painters can’t draw! Decorative artists start with tracing a pattern on to the desired surface. The patterns are created by designers who provide the pattern contained in a packet.  With some experience and learning how colours work together decorative artists will also create their own designs from photographs they’ve taken. 

Originally decorative painting was done on objects that were useful. For example furniture, pottery, floor mats and clothing. This is still the case but has now expanded to include items that are simply decorative and beautiful to look at. Today decorative painting is done on just about any surface you can imagine including the above plus canvas, wood panels, paper, etc.

How do I register for a class?

Hover over the drop down box above (beside Classes) and check out the classes being offered each month in the current session. Please click the link for the Registration Form above and print it. Complete the form and email it to or call 519 660-4148 to provide the required information. Once your classes have been confirmed you will be advised of the total. 

What to expect after you register for an FCDA class:

  • After payment has been received for a class you will get preparation instructions and a line drawing from the teacher by email.

  • The instructions will include the materials you need for the class:  surface, paints, brushes, etc. and what you need to prepare prior to the class.

  • In class the teacher will take you through step-by-step completing the piece.

  • Our classes start immediately at the time posted.  If you arrive late the teacher will try to help you catch up, but based on the class and number of participants this may not be possible.

  • There are many places to purchase supplies in London and area including:

Bijan's Art Studio 


Krafty Kennedy's




Stockade Wood & Craft Supply (online only)



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