Forest City Decorative




"Simply a Rose"

Original design by Vilma Fabretti

Adapted and painted by Pam Caley

Teacher:  Pam Caley

Level:  Intermediate

Medium:  DecoArt Americana Acrylics

Dates:  2 Thursdays, Sept. 17th & 24th

Time:  1p-4pm or 6p-9pm


Member:  $39.00     Non-Member:  $45.00

Photo:              n/a                                  n/a                        

Total:        $39.00                             $45.00

Description:  This class will focus on creating soft highlights, shading and creating realistic water drops.  NOTE:  this class will be taught via ZOOM online.

"Lemon & Cherries Tea Towel"
Original design by Sunny Tonini
Level:  Intermediate
Medium:  Acrylic on Fabric
Dates:  2 Tuesdays, September 22 & 29
Time:  6pm - 9pm
Class Fee:
Member  $39.00    Non-Member:  $45.00
Photo:         n/a                                     n/a
Total:       $39.00                             $45.00
Description:  A colourful fruit combination by Sunny Tonini is painted on a tea towel.  This design would look wonderful on pot holders as well.    NOTE:  this class will be taught via ZOOM online.