Forest City Decorative





Artist and Instructor:  Arale Vallely

Level:  All

Medium:  Silk Paints

Date:  1 Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018

Time:  9:30am to 4pm

Class Fee:

Member:                 $39.00             Non-Member:  $45.00

Supply/Photo fee:  $35.00                                     $35.00 

Total:                      $74.00                                      $80.00

Description:  Learn to paint on silk with Arale.  This time we do it in the traditional way with the wooden stretcher.  Participants will learn the gutta serti technique of silk painting.  All the steps from tracing, outling & painting with silk paints to finishing it by ironing & stretching on the canvas.  We will do it all!  The supply fee includes the following:  Silk (12"x16"), silk outliners, Silk Paints, wooden stretchers, all other setup materials, 11"x14" black canvas, staple guns & staples.

"Shimmer in Flight"

Original design by Wendy Fahey

Teacher: Debby Visser

Level:  Intermediate

Medium:  Acrylic on Fabric

Dates:  2 Thursdays, Oct. 18 & 25, 2018

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Class fee:

Member:  $39.00    Non-Member:  $45.00

Photo:          1.00                                  1.00

Total:        $40.00                            $46.00     

Description: The picture of this project does not show how beautiful it is.  Please come to Open House to see it!  This design, by Wendy Fahey, is painted with metallic paint on a black fabric tote.  A perfect present for those who love to shimmer!

"White Tail Buck"

Original design by Mark Menendez

Teacher:  Pam Caley

Level:  All

Medium:  Coloured Pencil on MiTeintes paper

Dates:  2 Tuesdays, Oct. 23 & 30, 2018

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Class Fee: 

Member:  $39.00      Non-Member:  $45.00

Packet:    $15.00                                 $15.00

Total:       $54.00                                $60.00

Description:  This majestic buck portrait is done using Prismacolor  Premiere pencils.  In this class you will learn how to create lifelike animal fur, eyes and antlers.  And, it would make a great Father's day or Birthday gift.