Forest City Decorative




"Out of the Box"

Teacher:  Penny McLaughlin

Level: All

Medium:  Watercolour

Date:  Saturday, October 5th, 2019.

Time:  9:30am to 4pm

Class Fee:  

Member:  $39.00              Non-Member:  $45.00

Photo:          *            

Total:        $39.00                                       $45.00

*  NOTE:  photo shown is an example only.  Students will provide their own photo that they will work on in class.

Description:  This class will take you from you "comfort" level to the next step.  You have the creative license to take your favourite photo, or magazine photo, to have the freedom to re-create in your own artistic interpretation.

"Martini & Parrot"
Original design by Cheri Rol
Teacher:  Pam Caley
Level:  Intermediate
Medium: Oils on acrylic background
Dates:  2 Thursdays, Oct. 17th & 24th, 2019
Times:  1-4pm or 6-9pm
Class Fee:
Member:    $39.00      Non-Member:  $45.00
Photos:         $2.00                                 $2.00
Total:          $41.00                                $47.00
This whimsical painting has a tropical feel to it.  The student will learn to paint feathers as well as realistic glass and reflections.
NotePam will provide an oil paint palette for a fee of $5.00 to those who need it.

"3D Butterfly"

Original design by Wendy Fahey

Teacher:  Debby Visser

Level:  Intermediate

Medium:  Acrylics on Glass

Dates:  2 Tuesdays, Oct. 29th & Nov. 5th, 2019

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Class Fee

Member:     $39.00          Non-member:   $45.00

Photo:           $1.00                                       $1.00 

Total:          $40.00                                    $46.00

Description:  Three panels of glass are layered with portions of the design to create a dimensional painting.  The cost for the glass and frame will be determined once we know how many students are in the class.