Forest City Decorative




"Poppies Field"

Original Design by Arale

Teacher:  Arale

Level:  All

Medium:  Silk Paints

Date:  Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Time:  9:30 to 3pm (bring light lunch)

Class Fee

Member:       $32.50    Non-Member:   $37.50

Supply Fee:    40.00                               40.00

Total:            $72.50                              $77.50

Description:  Participants will learn the gutta serti-technique of silk painting.  Step by step instruction from start to finish.

"Red Pickup Truck"

Original Design by Debbie Cotton

Instructor: Debby Visser

Level:  Intermediate

Medium:  Acrylic

Dates:  2 Tuesdays, May 5th & 12th, 2020

Time:  6pm to 9pm

Class Fee:

Member:  $39.00 Non-Member:  $45.00

Photo:          1.00                             1.00

Total:        $40.00                         $46.00

Description:  An original design by Debbie Cotton that features a rusty red 1955 Second Series Chevy 3100 Stepside.  The names for the business can be changed so you can personalize for your favourite truck enthusiast.