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May 2017 Monthly Meeting

May 10, 2017

4093 Meadowbrook Drive, Unit 103 – 150   

Meeting started at 6:40 p.m. following a finger food potluck supper.

Present:           (in alphabetical order)

Connie, Debbie, Dianne, Gail, Janet, Karen (Chair), Pam, Pat, Patty, Penny,

Trish (Secretary)


Minutes from the April 10, 2017 meeting:

Motion:             That the minutes be approved with the following amendments/additions:

1.                The date of the yard sale is June 24. It will be a regular type of yard sale.

2.                The Nominations for Next Year’s Executive;

The titles of several positions were inadvertently misnamed or added:

Treasurer:             should read “Associate Chair, Finance”

(Barb would like another to take over this position although she will let her name stand.)

Administrator #1:    should read “Associate Chair, Administration (Karen)

Administrator #2:    should be deleted

Website:                 should read “Website/Communications” (Pam)

Social Assistant:     (Pat L. – for clarity sake)

Moved by:        Janet

Seconded by:    Connie

all in agreement



In Barb’s absence, Karen read the Financial report:


* Expenses included paid teachers and supplies.


Teachers’ Committee

Janet presented the Teachers’ Committee Report.

 There are 2 more classes in the spring session: Pam’s “Daisies and a Lemon” (oil) and “Female Cardinal” (coloured pencil). Both will be held.


The Committee will meet on July 30 at Connie’s to set projects for the fall session and potentially for the winter session in order to be prepared for next two Open Houses in September and January.

Janet also told the group that she has been working on updating the FCDA inventory (old library) and invited all to bring to her any FCDA material they might have at home, so it can be inventoried.



Janet informed the members that the members of the Ad hoc Committee held a marathon meeting into the night last Wednesday in order to prepare a draft copy of the new by-laws that they plan to e-mail and hard copy to all members.

The Committee would like members to review their work and make suggestions and/or comments about  for content and wording. The dead line for receipt of same would be June 14 – the next FCDA meeting.

The draft would be updated with these suggestions and comments.

 The new by-laws would then be voted on at the September FCDA meeting.


The members present extended many thanks to the Committee members for their work on this important venture.

Social Committee

Gail and Penny presented their plan for the Spring Social – a picnic.

They suggested bought chicken, salads, buns and desserts.  For dessert, Pam offered to get a slab cake at Costco, and Dianne will bring watermelon.

Karen has tablecloths. Serviettes and cutlery are included in the budget.

There was much discussion about whether to make part of the dinner potluck or not. After much discussion, it was decided that FCDA should sponsor the meal; the thought being that some members would not come if they had too much to bring to the event. The Social Committee is also planning to have an auction, show & tell as entertainment. Gift certificates would be the prizes for the games.

Being that this is to be an FCDA sponsored event, the Social Committee needs a budget.

Motion: That the Social Committee can spend up to $175.00 for the Spring Social.Carried


Although a budget for the Committee was discussed, it was decided that this would not be appropriate at this time since this is the last event of the current year, and more thought and discussion is needed before this commitment can be considered.


Nominations for Next Year’s Executive:

Chair:                                       Connie

Associate Chair, Finance:          Gail (will consider. She will shadow Barb prior to committing.

                                                Membership is part of the Associate Chair, Finances

                                                responsibility. The FCDA laptop and printer needs to be

                                                transferred to Gail.

Associate Chair, Administration: Karen

Website & Communications:      Pam

Teachers’ Liaison:                     Janet

Social Convener:                      Dianne.

Social Assistant                                    Pat L.

Secretary:                                Trish


As noted in the April minutes, the positions are confirmed as of this meeting as updated.


Plans for the June 24 Yard Sale at Karen’s were discussed.

Time: 8:00 – 12:00ish

Karen asked if anyone had material for the yard sale. As noted above, items are of a general nature, not necessarily painting items. Connie said she would be happy to assist Karen with the pricing of the items that have not been priced by the contributing members on the Friday night before. (Members will be asked to price their items before bringing.) If bringing painted art, members need to be at the sale.

 Dianne will bring her items early since she is not available on the day of the sale.

 Janet will place some library books in the sale.

 Karen volunteered to make posters for the sale.

 Volunteers will be needed to “man” the sale.

 As indicated in last month’s minutes, anything left over at the end of the sale will be donated to a charity such as the Salvation Army.



 1.                Connie has access to a large table – 4’ x 8’ (via a friend).

Cost - $125

Please contact Connie if interested.

2.                The members were asked if the not needed FCDA chairs from our room at Artisans London should be put in the yard sale. After discussion, it was decided to review this and possibly place them in next year’s yard sale.





The next meeting will take place on June 14  (the Spring Social) – at the current location.




Motion:             That the meeting be adjourned at 7:30 pm.

Moved by:        Penny

Seconded by:    Pam


Pam then gave a demonstration of how to paint fur using the Moe Shier method. Pam is a registered teacher in this method. (Great demonstration!)


April 2017 Monthly Meeting

April 10, 2017


4093 Meadowbrook Drive, Unit 103 – 150   

Meeting started at 6:10 p.m. following a pizza dinner.


Present:           (in alphabetical order)

Barb, Connie, Debbie, Dianne, Janet, Karen (Chair), Pam, Pat , Patti, Penny,

Trish (Secretary)


Minutes from the March 8, 2017 meeting were read by Karen as they hadn’t been posted to the FCDA website.

Motion:             That the minutes be approved with the following amendments:

1.                The date of the yard sale is to be June 24.

2.                The date of the fundraiser discussed is to be June 14.

All in agreement






Teachers’ Committee

Janet presented the Teachers’ Committee Report.


Unfortunately, Pam’s evening class with sessions on May 18, 25 and June 1 was cancelled because of a lack of registration. But the day session was a go.

 The drawing class was well attended and received. The Committee would like to invite the teacher back in the fairly near future.

 Two classes that are being considered are one by Ruth Cook in alcohol ink and a mixed media class by Tina Hoyes.

 The Teachers’ meeting has yet to be scheduled, but it will be in the summer – perhaps July.



Pat informed Karen that she will not be able to continue doing the website next year. We thank her for being the web person this past year.



Janet informed the members that there were no comments or suggestions concerning the work of the By-Laws Committee, and so it is anticipated that it was well received.

A new mechanism to make them less cumbersome needs to be considered. The Executive Committee was felt to be the correct starting point for this process.

Social Committee

Penny and Gail plan to meet during the week of April 16 – 23 to discuss the next social.


Yard Sale: June 24 at Karen' s home on 178 Forest Hill Ave.


Any type of art or craftwork is welcomed at the yard sale. The sale will end at noon, and any leftovers will be donated to a charity such as GoodWill.

Nominations for Next Year’s Executive:

Chair:                                 Connie has volunteered unless there is another nomination

Associate chair, Finance:     Barb has reluctantly allowed her name to stand unless someone else

volunteers or is nominated. Since she has been in this position for the

past 31 years, she feels it is time for another to take over.

Associate Chair, Administrator: Karen


Secratary:                    Trish

Teachers’ Liaison:         Janet

Website/ Communication:          Pam. (The responsibility of the Website Coordinator is primarily

communication with members, IE once a month reminders, etc.

Social Convenior:          Dianne.

Social Assistant                        Pat L.


                                   After the meeting, Barb sent contact information for both current and past members to members present. Dianne needed this information as the next Social Committee Chair, and Penny needed the current membership list in order to invite these members to the June Social. It was hoped that by contacting past members, they would consider rejoining the group.


All positions will be confirmed at the next meeting.




Membership Drive?

Penny wondered if the group should not contemplate having a membership drive because of our low membership. This brought about a discussion about options. Everything from asking friends in other groups to promote our group at outside events (IE Connie’s friend in the Village on the Green lawn bowling group in Wortly Village) to having posters professionally made and distributed to current members for distribution was part of the discussion. The thought of having individual painting nights was also proposed.


No final decision was made.




The next meeting will take place on May 10 – at the current location.


It was decided to make this a “finger food” potluck: Food prior to meeting at 7 p.m.


The Teachers’ Committee was asked to see if Tina Hoyes might do a demonstration at this meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 6:55 pm.


Pam then gave a demonstration of how to use “Mud” to create beautiful Christmas bobble decorations. This was a technique she learned while vacationing in Florida.


March 2017 Monthly Meeting

March 8, 2017



4093 Meadowbrook Drive, Unit 103 - 150

Meeting preceded by a delicious potluck supper.


Meeting started at 6:45 p.m.


Present:           (in alphabetical order)

Barb, Connie, Denise, Dianne, Janet, Karen (Chair), Pat, Patty, Trish (Secretary)


Minutes from the November 13, 2016 meeting were reviewed.

Motion:             Pat

Seconded by:    Denise

That the minutes be approved as written.                                   All in agreement






Barb arrived shortly after the meeting had started.



Classes ran at a slight profit (approximately $50), when considering registration paid for teacher costs and FCDA paid for class rental.


Barb reported that she had received a very nice thank you note from My Sister’s Place for the $100 Christmas donation made by FCDA. The note was passed around to the members to read.



Teachers’ Committee

The teachers’ committee report was presented by Janet.


Lynn Haygarth’s “Textured Tulip” course in February had 8 students.


Penny McLaughlin’s course had 7 students.


Karen Christianson’s (sp?) course was canceled.


Because, to date, there had only been one registration for the May 18th evening session of Pam Caley’s “Daisies & a Lemon” project, Janet asked the group about canceling the session.

All in agreement of canceling the session.


The one registrant will move to the afternoon session.



Janet reported that Shelley Doup might be interesting in teaching a class (oil or acrylic) in the fall. It was suggested that if we wish to invite her, we should do so sometime during the summer – a little closer to when she would teach. A decision about making an invitation was delayed to one of the next meetings.




Denise, per previous meeting minutes, has been looking into advertising FCDA classes on FaceBook. (She was hoping to bring our group to the attention of another artistic group that she belongs to.) FaceBook required her to remove the link to our website because of copyright issues. Discussion ensued because according to our understanding, all copyright requirements are already being followed by FCDA. As well, the creators of the patterns we use already have copyright licenses. Denise will again aim on making a link from FaceBook to the FCDA website.


Karen asked for assistance with formatting our FaceBook page.




Janet read the By-laws Committee report.


Per Pam Caley’s suggestion at the last meeting, a By-Laws Committee was struck (consisting of Janet, Barb and herself) to review of the by-laws of our group. They had not been revised since the reinvention of our group.


The Committee has met once since it’s beginning. It tackled several areas such as redundancy and updating language and distributed a draft with the notice of meeting sent by e-mail prior to tonight’s meeting.


Janet asked that members read the draft by-laws and make suggestions for the finalizing of the new by-laws. She addressed the fact that we need the new by-laws in place in time for the next administration elections. She also advised that one of the additions to the by-laws would be a new means of making changes to the by-laws.


The Committee members were congratulated for the work they had done.





Karen had 3 items on her reminder list:

1.                Several companies offer discounts to FCDA members:



2.                Nominations and executive elections will be conducted at the following meetings:

April 12 – nominations

May 10 – elections


3.                There have been few registrations for the bus trip to the “Art Waves Toronto

Show” (the Coast to Coast event that was discussed at the last meeting) on Friday, April 7th. Should anyone wish to take advantage of this venture, they should contact the organizers directly soon.





4.        Janet also urged members to consider offering their talents to the group by volunteering and by allowing themselves to be nominated (or self-nominated) for positions on the executive. We are a working group, and need the support of members.





Spring Social & Fund Raiser

The format and date of the Spring Social& Fund Raiser were discussed. It was decided to have a fund raising yard sale on June 24th. Karen kindly offered her front yard for the event:

178 Forest Hill Avenue (off Springbank).


It was suggested that decorative art and other handwork (including baking) be presented for sale and that the sale start early in the day to catch as many potential customers as possible.


Karen will approach Gail H. and Penny M., the co-leaders of the event, with the decision of the members.


(Although it was suggested that the material in the library be put up for sale, it was decided that members should have first “dibs”, by auction, at upcoming meetings.)





The next meeting will take place on April 12 – at the current location.


There was discussion about whether to have something in addition to the meeting take place. Since Pam’s next class will be the next weekend, it was hoped that Pam might do a demonstration of the techniques she will be teaching in that class. Connie will contact Pam about this.



The meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm.

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November 2016 Monthly Meeting

November 13, 2016


Present:  Barb, Pam, Pat L., Janet, Penny, Denise, Karen M., Karen H., Connie, Gail H


Minutes from the October 2, 2016 meeting were reviewed.

Motion made by Janet to accept the minutes, seconded by Pam.  All in agreement.


Christmas Social


At the Oct 2, 2016 meeting a discussion took place about whether or not members would make a donation to a charitable organization.

Gail explained she and Penny thought a charitable donation should be made personally to the organization of your choice.  She suggested that FCDA make a donation on behalf of the group.

A motion was made to have FCDA make a $100 donation to My Sister’s Place.  A vote was taken with 6 approving and 4 dissenting.  Carried.


Gail will collect the funds for the Christmas dinner (9 people have RSVP’s to date).  Everyone is being asked to bring a wrapped gift ($5 maximum suggested or a re-gift) to the dinner.  Gift bags will be made from the FCDA inventory and a gift card will be purchased from Guthrie’s to use as a door prize.

It was suggested in future the social committee should be given a budget for these events.






A question from the Oct 2, 2016 meeting was outstanding regarding HST on our bills from Guthrie’s.  Barb clarified that our bills include HST.  She advised we have had no increase in our room rentals in the 3 years we’ve been in this location.  It was also noted that even when we haven’t cancelled the use of the room, we still haven’t been charged if she had no one else wanting it.  Olga prefers 30-days notice if we will not be needing the room when scheduled.


Teacher’s Committee


Gail has been taking classes at Michael’s and gave a portfolio of the teachers work to Janet for review at the teacher’s meeting on Nov 17, 2016.

Penny has agreed to do a class for us in the New Year.  She will attend the teacher’s meeting.

Connie has contacted Lynn Haygarth from Exeter who is interested in teaching a class in the New Year as well.  She will take all of the information regarding this to the teacher’s meeting.


It was discussed that we need a variety of teachers and mediums for classes to keep everyone interested and learning new things.




It was discussed that emails from the link on the website are not reaching Janet at the fcdaregistrar email.  Penny advised that Pat H, may not be aware that she needs to go into the background of the website to forward these to Janet.  Karen H will advise Pat H of this.


Denise has set up a Facebook page for us.  Please note that the correct one has our logo on it.




Pam took the bylaws home after the October meeting to review.  She advises it shouldn’t take long to review and amend, but recommends a committee be struck to do this.  She, Janet and Barb volunteered for this committee.




Janet is taking an inventory of FCDA’s belongings.  If you have anything belonging to FCDA, please let Janet know so she can add it to the list.  You can email Janet at


Current Meeting Times, Places, When


It was discussed we will have no meetings in Jan or Feb 2017.  Registration will be scheduled in January at the next teacher’s meeting.

It was discussed this registration could cover Jan to Jun 2017.  Classes can be scheduled for this time period, with others added later if needed.

It was also discussed we move from Sunday meetings to evenings during the week.

Guthrie’s is probably the least expensive place to have our meetings, and it is unlikely anything cheaper can be found.

It was suggested Open Paints can be done after the monthly evening meetings at no fee.

A vote was taken and all were in favour of the above.

We will see if Guthrie’s can accommodate us with meeting space on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, starting at 6:00.  Karen H will look into this.

The March meeting was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, March 8 at 6:30.  It will include a potluck dinner.


Membership Fees


Janet made the following motion:  “That membership fees for the year 2017-18 be increased to $25.”

It was discussed that we are again offering classes to the members in exchange for a higher fee.  It was also noted that at one time the fees were as high as $50.

A vote was taken with 9 approving and 1 dissenting.  Carried.


Barb advised we currently have 19 members.


Paint Nights


Karen M has tried a couple of these this year (Art ‘n Apps).  The first one did not go, but the one scheduled for Nov 30 will go.

It was felt that doing these periodically was worthwhile to possibly bring in new members.  It was noted that you don’t learn techniques in these classes but are still fun.  Other locations are now offering these classes without having wine/liquor available, so this will hopefully also be seen as more acceptable.  It was suggested that the members should work at getting friends and family to these who do not paint to try and get them interested.




There are 2 more classes still to come in this session:

Karen M’s Art ‘n Apps on November 30 and Pam’s Santa on December 5.


New Business


It was discussed if we should have members volunteer to bring snacks to the meetings.  We already have beverages available.  Karen H volunteered to bring snacks for the March 2017 meeting.


Coast to Coast will take place at the Airport Holiday Inn at 970 Dixon Road, Toronto (corner of the 427 and Dixon Road) from April 6 to 9, 2017.  Pam C will be teaching a class there, the Dragonfly class she did for us earlier this year.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:25 pm.


FCDA General Meeting Minutes: October 2, 2016


In Attendance:  Pam Caley, Karen Hobden, Janet Williams


1.       Minutes of Meeting of September 11, 2016:  Approved


 Financial: A financial report was submitted by Barb Israel. There was a question concerning how the HST was factored into the cost of the room rental. It is requested that we have a reconciliation to see how the room is charged. Also it is requested that we have a copy of the previous month's statement as well as the previous month from last year to make a comparison.

            Website:  Karen reported that we will put an interac contact on the website so people can      pay online. Barb or Karen can be contacted for instructions about this. It was also             suggested that teachers could be paid by interac as well.  At Registration, the square will      be available so people can pay by credit card.

             Also concerning the website, Pat Holmes will post beginner tips that were created by Val Vandahl.  She will also look into the problem of fcdaregistrar not getting emails from the          link.

             Social:  Gail Holmes and Penny McLaughlin submitted a report suggesting a change of        venue for the Christmas social to Angel’s on Wharncliffe (see attached report). This was        discussed and it was agreed that it would be a good move. The other suggestion to omit      the charity donation in favour of a gift was not accepted. It was decided to continue with        a charity and also a door prize which could be something from FCDA’s items in storage.       The cost to member of the dinner would be $10.00 and to non-members would be $20.00.

Discussion topics:

Arts and Apps: This class was cancelled.  In lieu of a class, Pam and Karen used the room to learn how to use the video camera with the TV. Pam has typed the instructions and they will be left with the TV. Pam has taken the camera home to see if she can figure out how to charge it.  Janet will check with Bonnie and Barb to see if they know where the paperwork for the TV and camera are.  FCDA needs a tripod to hold the camera. Janet has one she is not using and is willing to lend it to FCDA for as long as it is needed.


Inventory: Janet W. volunteered to work on an inventory of all of FCDA’s assets. Please let her know of any items you may have so they can be accounted for and we will know where all the items are housed.

            Bylaws:  We will be reviewing the bylaws this year and will need a volunteer committee       to start with that.  Pam took a copy of the bylaws to review. Due to a lack of members in     attendance, this discussion has been tabled to the next meeting.

            Current Format:  Do we like when, where and the time we are holding our meetings?  Do       we continue with free offers?  Again, due to a lack of members in attendance, this             discussion was tabled. It was decided that beginning in January and $2.00 charge for             open painting will be put in place.  This is to help offset the cost of renting the room.

Membership Fees: 

For the past two years we reduced the yearly fee to $15.00 to help grow the membership.  We have been operating at a loss for this period.  Therefore, a notice of motion as follows will be presented to the membership for the next general meeting.

Notice of Motion: “That membership fees for the year 2017-18 be increased to $25.00”


2.       Other topics for discussion:

Online voting: We will check with Pat H. to see if it is possible to do online voting for such things as possible change in meetings, e.g. evenings instead of Sundays, etc.

Meeting Refreshments: A suggestion was made to have on a rotating basis volunteers to bring in small snacks for membership meetings.

Meeting Attendance: The general membership meeting had only three members in attendance. Members are encouraged to attend so that our important business decisions can be made on a more representative basis.


Minutes for FCDA, September 11, 2016


Meeting began at 12:30 pm, with Karen H chairing the meeting.


Present: Karen H, Connie S, Pat H, Gail H, Debbie V, Karen C, Pam C, Donna D, Jane R, Gayle W, Denise H, Donna K, Marnie M.

Minutes from last month’s meeting read and accepted on a motion by Connie, seconded by Denise.

Christmas Social: Nov. 26th @ 6pm, cost per person $10

Gail H suggested we look at other caterers this year. It was noted that Out ‘n Back seemed a little lax the past 2 years. Donna K suggested “Belmont Family Restaurant” caterers and has good food Gail will look into alternatives.

Teachers Rep: Connie explained the class format for the fall session, explained that we will be returning to hosting classes on days/evenings other than just meeting days.

Also explained “Art n Apps” being a class taught where the teacher provides appetizers. Similar to Wine and Paint nights, but no alcohol. Karen C will be hosting the “Art n Apps” classes.

Website: Pat H reported that the website has been updated, but still missing “Art n Apps” info.

Karen H advised we are looking into PayPal vs e-transfer, as well as the Square reader.

Connie reported on web site status with Vista Print (website host) and Go Daddy (domain name host). Thank you Connie for straightening out the long-time confusion.

Thank You Card: Karen H suggested we send a Thank You Card to Barb Kennedy at Krafty Kennedys for generously donating the coasters for our Floating Clinic for which 10 people attended prior to the meeting. Gail H will send one out on behalf of FCDA.

October 2nd Meeting: Debbie V’s “Stroke Demo” from 10am to 12pm, followed by ½ hour lunch and the meeting will follow at 12:30pm. There will be no class following the meeting.

Membership Dues: Dues for this year will remain at $15.00 but the fee may be revisited going forward.

Motion to adjourn by Connie, seconded by Pat. Meeting adjourned at 12:47